3.2-mile swim (you must be able to swim a mile in 30 mins or under)




GREAT NEWS!!!! After much consideration we will be starting the race from Port Quin again this year!!! For those who attended last year the race was delayed due to swimmers being shuttled to the race. As a result of this all swims were delayed and had a massive knock on effect on the whole day. So this year to avoid these problems, we will NOT BE SUPPLYING TRANSPORT. 

Swimmers will be asked to register in the morning and then attend a speedy registration just be before the race to check names and those who are in the water. As you can understand it is imperative that we know who is in the water.

There will be a FACEBOOK page set up for ‘lift sharing on the day’ asap. We apologise for any incovience caused but this catagory has got do big that we can no longer meet these needs.




IMPORTANT: There will be a CUT OFF TIME for swimmers signing in at Port Quin. Anyone arriving after this time WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SWIM. 

This wonderful three (and a bit) mile swim will have a NEW route this year. WE promise to make it a good one but due to numbers, it is getting difficult to operate from Port Quin. The swim will pass gorgeous scenery and rugged coastline. You will then swim between the harbour breakwater into the famous ‘Doc Martin’ village to the beach where the finish line will be in view.

Register at Port Gaverne.

On the day:

There will be coffee and tea, energy drinks, bacon sandwiches and water to purchase at Port Gaverne. Toilets are on site with an open air changing room – the beach!

Please contact Sarah Coates if you have any travel questions or issues at [email protected]

Bag drop-off at the start point. Bags will be driven to the Penhaligon Rooms at Port Isaac for when you finish the race.

A safety briefing will take place at the start. Please make sure you leave yourself enough time to park, walk to the beach and be present for the briefing.

Markers will line the course, safety boats will be in close reach for anyone who may need to be taken out of the water. Medical assistance is on standby at all times.


Don’t forget to hang around for live music and the beach party after. We have lots of bands, beer and food.

You will be asked to register before your race start time. Depending on where you are starting your race, there will be a ‘Big Swim’ team member to meet you, register you and answer any questions you might have.

This will happen at Port Gaverne Beach. It is essential that every swimmer is given a race number, safety visibility hat, an electric timing tag and signs the registration form. Please bring at least your minimum sponsorship money with you and hand in at registration.

Big Swim Car Park @ Port Gaverne, postcode PL29 3SQ.

The nearest train station is Bodmin Parkway. This is a 45 minute (18.5 miles) journey to Port Gaverne. You will need to get a bus or taxi. Buses are limited in Cornwall and run slower and less frequently over the weekends.

There are plenty of parking spaces available in the ‘Big Swim’ car park. Parking is available in a farmer’s field, a three-minute walk from Port Gaverne beach and a ten-minute walk to Port Isaac. It is a steep hill walk so take extra time with children. The car park is clearly marked from all roads that lead into Port Gaverne.
Please note that the roads will be closed on the day and you can only access the car park from the A39 signposted towards ‘Port Gaverne’ NOT ‘Port Isaac’. Car parking will be at a small fee for the whole day and evening.


We will be using sports timing chips again this year. It is important that you run across the timing mat at the finish line. Results will be printed and posted on the day after the last swimmer has left the water and published on our website a couple of days later.

Your race chip will be given to you at the start of the race. PLEASE attach the chip securely to your ankle immediately as they cost money to replace, and it will be you who has to pay for it! Please DO NOT attach it to your wrist – the mats will not pick up the transponder and you will not be recorded.

The chips themselves are relatively expensive so we must get the chips back and we will collect the chips at the end of the race just after the finish line from our time chip removal team.

There will be an information point at Port Gaverne and our registration team will answer any of your questions.

There will be a cloakroom van which will take any belongings safely to the finish line. You will check your bag in at Port Quin. These will then be driven to the Penhaligon Rooms at Port Isaac, a two-minute walk up the hill from Port Isaac beach. The ‘Big Swim’ cannot take responsibility for lost or damaged baggage.

When you finish the race, you will have the opportunity to use the ‘Penhaligon Rooms’ as our pop-up changing room. Please note, there are NO SHOWERS. These are situated up the hill from Port Isaac beach, a two-minute walk.

We strongly recommend you wear a wetsuit. This helps with buoyancy and in a medic situation, keeps you afloat.

We strongly discourage the use of any equipment that acts as an impediment to hearing or concentration when competing. The Big Swim cannot be responsible for accidents resulting from racing with equipment.

Medical support will be present on the water and at the finish. You should be relatively fit and have no known medical conditions that would place your health in danger. Please note – do not swim if you are feeling unwell at all. This can be extremely dangerous. Please seek expert medical advice if you have any health concerns prior to the race.

Toilets are located at Port Gaverne and Port Isaac. They are both public toilets.

Water will be available at the finish line, although we encourage you to bring your own prior to the race.

You will be given a medal after the race.
Winners will this year be awarded a prize.

A variety of items will be available for purchase in Port Gaverne and Port Isaac. Shops and restaurants will be open all day but Sharp’s Bar will be open until late!

To register in person on the day.
Bring a full change of clothing.
Money for food/drink/parking/etc.
To eat a healthy meal and to avoid alcohol the night before the event.
To eat something light and drink plenty of water prior to the event.
To leave enough time to get there with plenty of time to spare.
If for any reason you decide not to swim, having already registered for the event that morning, it is essential that you let an Information Point or Registration Team know as we will assume you are missing at sea.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

* No under 18-year-olds are permitted to swim the Super Serious Swim. If anyone has any special requirements or medical conditions it must be declared in full confidence with Sarah Coates before registration.

There will be water, a medal and a free pint of Sharp’s beer for every swimmer at the end of the race.




You can check the 2016 Super Serious Swim times here.


Registration £44.50 – No sponsorship needed


Swim for FREE!

Should you raise over £160 in sponsorship, we will give you your swim place for free. Simply sign up, pay for your place, raise your sponsorship, and we will refund you on the day!

Please be aware, therefore, that part of these monies raised may contribute towards event costs.